Latrakia National Historical Museum

National Historical Museum

Visiting the National Historical Museum in Athens is always a sentimental visit. It’s exhibits have a direct reference to the modern history of Greece and therefore have a unique influence in my thimyc.

Latrakia National Historical Museum Showcase from the Folklore Collection

But this time was such a surprise visiting the rooms of the Folklore Collection. Due to the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Museum to commemorate it, inaugurating it’s actions and hosts the exhibition “With costumes from the past…”

playmogreek(s) national historical museumLovely tiny people!


The exhibition presents PlaymoGreek(s) by Peter Kaminiotis. Playmobil figures handmade dressed in authentic copies of traditional costumes from Greece, Balkans and Minor Asia. The figures coexist with the original costumes of the museum, which formed the model for their creation.

playmogreek(s) national historical museumTraditional costumes accompanied by the counterpart playmobil

Generally, the exhibition follows the aspect of a traditional context where the focus is on the objects (object oriented). The exhibits narrate their own objective history, with indifference for audience’s thought, knowledge, social, mental, cultural and other preferences. In such exhibitions the audience is called to recognize the objects as testimonies of the one and only objective truth. The truth that the museum presents.

playmogreek(s) national historical museum
 Such amazing details!

Therefore, there was a descent effort from an object oriented exhibition to transform into an object and people oriented exhibition. A modern type of an exhibition where the focus is on the objects and the audience as well.

playmogreek(s) national historical museumTraditional costumes from all over Greece.

Most of us have played with playmobil as children. The tiny people are familiar toys and they have the power to make you  recall happy memories from the childhood.

playmogreek(s) national historical museum

But even in the case that someone hasn’t played with them, there is a strong possibility if you are a parent to have bought  them for your children!

playmogreek(s) national historical museum

There was an obvious effort to include the museum objects to the social context and to connect them to the social groups from where they originate. The intentions were the best but without more references and deepness.

playmogreek(s) national historical museum I am a playmobil myself!

Nonetheless, they gave me only bright smiles, giving a more light note in the air of a heavy, strict, museum.  A charmful surprise with the power to break the glass walls that separates you from the exhibits inside the showcases.

playmogreek(s) national historical museumI love them all!

Every time we see an object, we perceive it differently. The object is being transformed into an experience. In a way it represents the spectator and his vision as a mirror but simultaneously affects him. Consequently you will never be the same person like before. In a magic way they transform you.

playmogreek(s) national historical museum

The exhibition was due to April but it will be prolonged until May 2108.  So if you are interested, if you are a playmmobil fan or your little kid is a playmobil maniac, you should make a visit, it will compensate you!


Museum: National Historical Museum

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Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas, Latrakia