In which ocean depths you left your courage?

In which ocean depths you left your courage?

Like a frightened animal closed in the cage

Teeth like a shark lurks to rip you for fun


Escape from your fears

Escape from your tears

Take a deep breath

Continuously fighting for more space to survive

Boundary feelings

Screaming wild and loud with an awkward laugh

Straight to the light, there is a gate to escape

latrakia escapism


Concept/Role Play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Antigone Kourakou


Who grieves for those poetic bodies?


latrakia women's bodies

Our bodies, our movable property and our unnegotiable ownership on them. For centuries women bodies are subjected to society’s norms, to religions rules, to traditional communitie’s customs, to patriarchy’s demands and it’s stereotypes.

In all those perspectives is that women’s bodies endeavor to fit, trapped along with their feelings. It is noticed to their nonverbal language. There are liquids of truth in their shapes and the way they move.

You can stare bodies tired from life’s severity, with scars like awards on them and other times unbelievably poetic, overwhelmed by emotions and not rarely enigmatic, having hidden stories to share.

Society has sanctified and hollyfied those that are purposed to give birth, feed and raise children. The majority of them are pushed to formulate unhuman shapes, following strict diets and even worst making plastic surgeries, to meet the criteria of role-models projected by mass media culture. As they were dolls, they are told how to be dressed, to make up and fest by an industry that lurks to make profit by them. Bodies as canvas for more consumerism, victims of an image and a life-style.

They are screaming angrily and some others seeking for love. They have been told to tolerate the unbearable, used as sexual objects for giving pleasure. Bodies peaceful and balanced, scattering happiness, athletic and flexible making records, notty and joyful, spreading love, transparent and vulnerable.

Bodies abused literally and metaphorically, convinced to shallow the dominate ideology. I feel them like fingerprints of society’s preferences, giving endless efforts to be likable, to be lovable, charmful, workable, efficient.

Priests and saviors, image makers and marketers, patriarchy’s dominate ideology and the unprecedented behavior of women criticize with sarcasm and cruelty their selves and other women.

-Who grieves for those poetic bodies and their various abusement?

Are you an unconscious victim of those regulations? What is the latest trend? In which rules we have to adjust ourselves lately? Are you feeling obeying to those norms and the same time suffocating by them? So many hidden meanings behind human’s bodies and especially women’s. Are you raising your voice against the unfair treatment? Are you one of those pioneer women who have the loyialty to raise baby-girls and young-girls with the deep sensation that are human beings, who deserves respectiveness love and freedom, far away from barriers which limited their options and their dreams? Because behind those bodies are hidden human creatures with their agonies, their dreams, their perfections and imperfections of their mortality.

Who grieves for those poetic bodies and their beautiness?

I am responsible, you are responsible for the favor of the following generations. In owner of all the dynamic women who standed beyond and further the chariot of any ideology and gained rights of paramount importance for the rest of us in a society that is still deafing.

Had women educated themselves more crucially and widely, they would have liberated themselves from norms and stereotypes.

Concept/Role – Play: Latrakia

Photo Credits: Dimitris Tsiapas

Special thanks to Tomas and his hand contribution to this photo shoot! 🙂

What the beast within whispers to you…


Today is another day, worst than the others

Today I am angry

I want to scream

My voice to be heard by you, you, you, you, you, you, you and YOU!

At the other half of the planet

Today all around me useless and without hope

All my dreams ashes

Today I do not know where to put stay, my soul to rest

All black and pessimistic

A melancholia from the abyss of my mind

A hole in my heart


Today I am crying dry tears

For a pain that I can not articulate

An awful pain that does not let me breath

Today some old scars of mine reminds me hurting stories

My all, a broken chord. No rhythm, no melody

The beast inside me is eating my flesh and drinking my blood once again




-How can I placate you my dear? tell me…

– How can I calm you down? Whisper to me the way…

-You are a part of me. Do not forget!

-Let it down, the two of us do not have a battle

-Stop conquering me with your severity

-Should I feed you sympathy and love?

-Should I discipline you by force?

This is the very question

-What are your desires? Trust me your wishes

-You do not fool me. You are the wild me

-Sh……sh… my darling, quiet….

-I will lull you to fall asleep….

Concept / Role-play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas

I am a dream warrior


I am a dream warrior

And then he asked her…

– What is your name?

– My name is No One…

 – Where are you coming from?

– I come from the universe

–  What is your origin?

– From the humankind

–  Why are you holding a shield and arrows?

–  I am a warrior

–  Who you fight for?

 – I fight for my dreams… I am a dream warrior

Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!



Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!


Tell me my love about the stars!

Explain to me all the mysteries!

Speak to me about the inexplicable…


Such a number of stars to the bright sky!

Myriad galaxies, planets and comets!

Which is the destination to go?

Reveal me your precious!


Give me the strength to tolerate the unknown…

Oh, my dearest of all!

Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!