Priceless hands!


They give hugs, they touch with tenderness or coarseness, they drive dexterously away the sorrow, they give generously and sweepingly happiness. Occasionally could cause pain, perpetually communicate with their own language.


Vital touches by hands, to my hands, to my body. Unbearable life without hands touching me, embracing me, show me their love! All the special hands of my beloved people. They taught me to share feelings in silence out of the need to talk.


Different types of hands, distinctive kinds of touch. Hands skinny and slender or on the contrary fat and more velvet. Other times rough like stone or fragile and delicate like glass. Skillful hands, sometimes exquisite, others clumsy and graceless, always lovable.


Treasured, small hands from perfect, tiny people…


All my life priceless hands, unforgettable, constantly expressing their idiosyncratic uniqueness!


A box in the ground to hide from fears…



A tiny place on the round planet

A shelter for dreams, warming our hopes!

A nest of our hurting ego from daily fights…

A box that we live our lives ’til we die…

Few square meters to feel safe and rest

This is where our vulnerable souls find peacefulness and breath

This is where our bodies shamelessly undress the roles playing outer space


But, oh! my!

Should Ι remember the dark house of yours, which hosted monsters and raised storms?

Should Ι remember the black house of yours, which trapped your innocence and lead you to the loss?

Should Ι remember homeless people, refugee people, immigrant people, who lost their homes?

Like snails they wander in lands abroad


A scream for the loss…

A tear for the pain…

Oh! my home, my sweet-sweet home! How much Ι miss you, Ι metic to world’s throng

Precious keys on a chain

My home keys

Your home keys

A box to open and hide from fears

A box in the ground

A nail in heart’s bleed

They will always remind me the home where Ι used to live…

Concept – Role play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas

Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!



Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!


Tell me my love about the stars!

Explain to me all the mysteries!

Speak to me about the inexplicable…


Such a number of stars to the bright sky!

Myriad galaxies, planets and comets!

Which is the destination to go?

Reveal me your precious!


Give me the strength to tolerate the unknown…

Oh, my dearest of all!

Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!