Are you ready for today’s planet show?

Latrakia (3)

Five oceans people, picturing ourselves in outstanding poses

Me and you, jongleurs in world’s circus scene

Utopian models of another planet, made by pixels

Our size magnified, by big lens of small devices

Adorable lives, with illustration smiles

Blurry personalities, alike behaviors

Washed feelings, matching with perfectionism’s standards

Million of lives patronized by rules

Existing through others’ eyes

Being identified, followed, liked and shared

In a deep need to be recognized

Unfolding the deep of our desires

And still remaining with a gap at heart’s side


Concept/Role Play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas



My precious PC – a companion pet or swallowing information!


Give me more pluralism to absorb

Satisfy my ravenousness

Serve me plates delicious

Ready made knowledge, no questions to make

Feed me, upload me, keep me updating!

What is real and what is fake?

What conspiracy theory and what a mistake

How can I break the surface, dig deeper, an active reader to become?

Which sources to use?

Who influences them?

To whom are they subjected?

Who censorships them?


Bits and bytes running through my veins

Another article blows my mind

My hard disk fails again

Restore me, fix me, back up me, keep me alive

Massive information attack

Chance to feed my brain

File me, save me, store me again

Giga and tera mess with my mind

On-line, off-line, share to me more knowledge to swallow at once!


Am I wiser more conscious or naif at the end?

My companion pet keeps playing with my judge…

Concept / Role-play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas

Those shoes… are not mine!

They force me to fit in their size…

But those shoes… are not mine!


They want to make me believe that they are fine!

But I keep insisting, they are not mine!

If I wear them I will be on their side…

A world of promises will sunrise!

To their society’s club first and high!

An excellent android of their type, willing to applaud and cheer for fun!


Those desires are not meant to be mine

Why they try to nail them in my mind?

They press me to wear them no matter what

And if I do so, I will be cosy and styled…


They mouth to wear them so as to be alike

But I keep insisting, those shoes are not mine!

In a world upside down…

I will keep seeing things from my fucking side!

A box in the ground to hide from fears…



A tiny place on the round planet

A shelter for dreams, warming our hopes!

A nest of our hurting ego from daily fights…

A box that we live our lives ’til we die…

Few square meters to feel safe and rest

This is where our vulnerable souls find peacefulness and breath

This is where our bodies shamelessly undress the roles playing outer space


But, oh! my!

Should Ι remember the dark house of yours, which hosted monsters and raised storms?

Should Ι remember the black house of yours, which trapped your innocence and lead you to the loss?

Should Ι remember homeless people, refugee people, immigrant people, who lost their homes?

Like snails they wander in lands abroad


A scream for the loss…

A tear for the pain…

Oh! my home, my sweet-sweet home! How much Ι miss you, Ι metic to world’s throng

Precious keys on a chain

My home keys

Your home keys

A box to open and hide from fears

A box in the ground

A nail in heart’s bleed

They will always remind me the home where Ι used to live…

Concept – Role play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas

Are you a reader my love?


Are you a reader my love?

Books that we loved!

Books that we notice so as not to be forgotten!

Books that have never been read and wait patiently to be read…

Books that suffered in our hands and time left scratches in their pages and became older hand by hand with us.


And that neglected book at the corner of our library that we never finished it…

That one that we didn’t like it… or just it wasn’t the right time to meet each other…


Reading as a journey to unknown worlds and cultures.

Reading as pleasure with words greedily sinking in our mind.

Reading as an obligation to pass the exams, as a part of research or a project for the office.

Reading for dreaming, living lives and dilemmas of different characters than ours.

Reading for feeling the excitement, the desperation, the wisdom, the surprise of the undetectable.


For all the books that Ι loved, for all the books that determined me as a human being, for all the books that made me what Ι am today, for all that books that made me cry, made me feel euphoria, motivate me to analyze, to be surprised and finally more wise than Ι was at the beginning of the reading journey…

For all that great minds who wrote them!

For all those reasons and many more…

I love books!

Are you a reader my love?

Because if you are, we have a path to walk together!

I am a dream warrior


I am a dream warrior

And then he asked her…

– What is your name?

– My name is No One…

 – Where are you coming from?

– I come from the universe

–  What is your origin?

– From the humankind

–  Why are you holding a shield and arrows?

–  I am a warrior

–  Who you fight for?

 – I fight for my dreams… I am a dream warrior

Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!



Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!


Tell me my love about the stars!

Explain to me all the mysteries!

Speak to me about the inexplicable…


Such a number of stars to the bright sky!

Myriad galaxies, planets and comets!

Which is the destination to go?

Reveal me your precious!


Give me the strength to tolerate the unknown…

Oh, my dearest of all!

Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!