Do you want to play with me?


– Do you want to play with me?


– I will be a princess!


-Will you be my prince?


-Cause after all… being a child is always magic!

Handcrafted puppets by Latrakia for the puppet theater, made by wooden forks, some imagination, pure enthusiasm, little magic dust, few drops of sparkle, enough energy, plenty of joy and infinitive love for three beloved Latrakia V&M&F.



Concept/Role Play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas


Are you ready for today’s planet show?

Latrakia (3)

Five oceans people, picturing ourselves in outstanding poses

Me and you, jongleurs in world’s circus scene

Utopian models of another planet, made by pixels

Our size magnified, by big lens of small devices

Adorable lives, with illustration smiles

Blurry personalities, alike behaviors

Washed feelings, matching with perfectionism’s standards

Million of lives patronized by rules

Existing through others’ eyes

Being identified, followed, liked and shared

In a deep need to be recognized

Unfolding the deep of our desires

And still remaining with a gap at heart’s side


Concept/Role Play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas


In which ocean depths you left your courage?

In which ocean depths you left your courage?

Like a frightened animal closed in the cage

Teeth like a shark lurks to rip you for fun


Escape from your fears

Escape from your tears

Take a deep breath

Continuously fighting for more space to survive

Boundary feelings

Screaming wild and loud with an awkward laugh

Straight to the light, there is a gate to escape

latrakia escapism


Concept/Role Play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Antigone Kourakou

Which one you wear and for what?


The thousand masks of yours

With the thousand enigmas and secrets behind it

How far I should go to solve their mysteries?

Curves and edges slightly distinguished

Who is the real you?

Roles that we play, masks that we wear

Sometimes for a while, some others for a life time

From how young do we learn to use them?

Masks covering our vulnerability and fragileness

Purposed to attract, to dominate, to conquer, to trick, to pretend, to hide what we really feel

Masks like a cloth in your size

Like a glove in your hand

Like a loop in your neck

Like a theatrical character seeking for action…


Concept / Role-play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas

From the romantic aspect!


Strolling around in Athens

You choose to embellish the ugly spots of the city.

You invest your time, your energy and your creativity to me… The citizen, the unknown, the wanderer. This is the way I feel.

Beyond the glamorous galleries, the famous museums, the widely publicized  exhibitions and far away from patrons and sponsors, you insist to communicate your art through the streets. Your canvas are fragments of cityscapes.


Blooming in the Athenian streets

You transform the meaningless, you find ingenious and imaginative ways to comment on the urban space.

You beautify my strolling around the center-city.

You make me smile or on the contrary to consider.

You make art there, where others see walls and ruins.

You turn the idea into action and that makes all the difference.

You give life and soul to the intangible.


Somewhere lost in Athens

You interpret the social context and remind me to be human in a world that is being changed at light speed and does not allow us to realize and sense the deeper meanings of those changes.

Is it a fulfillment for you? Is it your trademark to the society?

Are you feeling alone in this mad world?

Is it your effort to hush your inner demons? Does it liberate you?

Is it your need to leave your unique way of thinking, to yell for your existence?


Under your lights. Installation someplace in the city center

I witness your art trails. Your vision is a window for meditation.

I wonder which is your daily routine?

Who really are you unknown artist?

I am here to eavesdrop your silent scream imprinted in your art trails.


Do you rock?

At the end of the day you leave your valuable artworks to the noise of the city, to the rain of the sky, to the harshness of the wind, to the negligence of the less observed eye, to the malevolent eye who will call it vandalism and crime, to the silence that falls like a veil every night in a city that never stops moving.

Averting their gaze…


            Good luck charms with an evil eye, handmade by Latrakia


   The fear of unknown powers out of our control. The mystery for the uncertain. The agony to supervise the unknown. The “invasion” of a malevolent gaze which has the strength to bring misfortune upon  the one who “gets the evil eye.”

     “Evil eyes”(eyeball symbol/mati in Greek) and their apotropaic character safeguards the person who owns them and protects them from bad fortune. Evil eyes and their possession is an ancient tradition with roots dating back to at least 6th century Β.C. in Greece and among other Mediterranean and Asian tribes and cultures.

    Reality or superstition, beliefs are mostly fascinating with their small details and their potential magic powers, capable to alter the bad energy. Children are likely to believe in magic. In fairy tales magic is present to everyone who believes.  Where is the child we have inside? Is it still alive? When it was the last time you believed in magic?