Are you ready for today’s planet show?

Latrakia (3)

Five oceans people, picturing ourselves in outstanding poses

Me and you, jongleurs in world’s circus scene

Utopian models of another planet, made by pixels

Our size magnified, by big lens of small devices

Adorable lives, with illustration smiles

Blurry personalities, alike behaviors

Washed feelings, matching with perfectionism’s standards

Million of lives patronized by rules

Existing through others’ eyes

Being identified, followed, liked and shared

In a deep need to be recognized

Unfolding the deep of our desires

And still remaining with a gap at heart’s side


Concept/Role Play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas



Who grieves for those poetic bodies?


latrakia women's bodies

Our bodies, our movable property and our unnegotiable ownership on them. For centuries women bodies are subjected to society’s norms, to religions rules, to traditional communitie’s customs, to patriarchy’s demands and it’s stereotypes.

In all those perspectives is that women’s bodies endeavor to fit, trapped along with their feelings. It is noticed to their nonverbal language. There are liquids of truth in their shapes and the way they move.

You can stare bodies tired from life’s severity, with scars like awards on them and other times unbelievably poetic, overwhelmed by emotions and not rarely enigmatic, having hidden stories to share.

Society has sanctified and hollyfied those that are purposed to give birth, feed and raise children. The majority of them are pushed to formulate unhuman shapes, following strict diets and even worst making plastic surgeries, to meet the criteria of role-models projected by mass media culture. As they were dolls, they are told how to be dressed, to make up and fest by an industry that lurks to make profit by them. Bodies as canvas for more consumerism, victims of an image and a life-style.

They are screaming angrily and some others seeking for love. They have been told to tolerate the unbearable, used as sexual objects for giving pleasure. Bodies peaceful and balanced, scattering happiness, athletic and flexible making records, notty and joyful, spreading love, transparent and vulnerable.

Bodies abused literally and metaphorically, convinced to shallow the dominate ideology. I feel them like fingerprints of society’s preferences, giving endless efforts to be likable, to be lovable, charmful, workable, efficient.

Priests and saviors, image makers and marketers, patriarchy’s dominate ideology and the unprecedented behavior of women criticize with sarcasm and cruelty their selves and other women.

-Who grieves for those poetic bodies and their various abusement?

Are you an unconscious victim of those regulations? What is the latest trend? In which rules we have to adjust ourselves lately? Are you feeling obeying to those norms and the same time suffocating by them? So many hidden meanings behind human’s bodies and especially women’s. Are you raising your voice against the unfair treatment? Are you one of those pioneer women who have the loyialty to raise baby-girls and young-girls with the deep sensation that are human beings, who deserves respectiveness love and freedom, far away from barriers which limited their options and their dreams? Because behind those bodies are hidden human creatures with their agonies, their dreams, their perfections and imperfections of their mortality.

Who grieves for those poetic bodies and their beautiness?

I am responsible, you are responsible for the favor of the following generations. In owner of all the dynamic women who standed beyond and further the chariot of any ideology and gained rights of paramount importance for the rest of us in a society that is still deafing.

Had women educated themselves more crucially and widely, they would have liberated themselves from norms and stereotypes.

Concept/Role – Play: Latrakia

Photo Credits: Dimitris Tsiapas

Special thanks to Tomas and his hand contribution to this photo shoot! 🙂

Which one you wear and for what?


The thousand masks of yours

With the thousand enigmas and secrets behind it

How far I should go to solve their mysteries?

Curves and edges slightly distinguished

Who is the real you?

Roles that we play, masks that we wear

Sometimes for a while, some others for a life time

From how young do we learn to use them?

Masks covering our vulnerability and fragileness

Purposed to attract, to dominate, to conquer, to trick, to pretend, to hide what we really feel

Masks like a cloth in your size

Like a glove in your hand

Like a loop in your neck

Like a theatrical character seeking for action…


Concept / Role-play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas

My precious PC – a companion pet or swallowing information!


Give me more pluralism to absorb

Satisfy my ravenousness

Serve me plates delicious

Ready made knowledge, no questions to make

Feed me, upload me, keep me updating!

What is real and what is fake?

What conspiracy theory and what a mistake

How can I break the surface, dig deeper, an active reader to become?

Which sources to use?

Who influences them?

To whom are they subjected?

Who censorships them?


Bits and bytes running through my veins

Another article blows my mind

My hard disk fails again

Restore me, fix me, back up me, keep me alive

Massive information attack

Chance to feed my brain

File me, save me, store me again

Giga and tera mess with my mind

On-line, off-line, share to me more knowledge to swallow at once!


Am I wiser more conscious or naif at the end?

My companion pet keeps playing with my judge…

Concept / Role-play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas

From the romantic aspect!


Strolling around in Athens

You choose to embellish the ugly spots of the city.

You invest your time, your energy and your creativity to me… The citizen, the unknown, the wanderer. This is the way I feel.

Beyond the glamorous galleries, the famous museums, the widely publicized  exhibitions and far away from patrons and sponsors, you insist to communicate your art through the streets. Your canvas are fragments of cityscapes.


Blooming in the Athenian streets

You transform the meaningless, you find ingenious and imaginative ways to comment on the urban space.

You beautify my strolling around the center-city.

You make me smile or on the contrary to consider.

You make art there, where others see walls and ruins.

You turn the idea into action and that makes all the difference.

You give life and soul to the intangible.


Somewhere lost in Athens

You interpret the social context and remind me to be human in a world that is being changed at light speed and does not allow us to realize and sense the deeper meanings of those changes.

Is it a fulfillment for you? Is it your trademark to the society?

Are you feeling alone in this mad world?

Is it your effort to hush your inner demons? Does it liberate you?

Is it your need to leave your unique way of thinking, to yell for your existence?


Under your lights. Installation someplace in the city center

I witness your art trails. Your vision is a window for meditation.

I wonder which is your daily routine?

Who really are you unknown artist?

I am here to eavesdrop your silent scream imprinted in your art trails.


Do you rock?

At the end of the day you leave your valuable artworks to the noise of the city, to the rain of the sky, to the harshness of the wind, to the negligence of the less observed eye, to the malevolent eye who will call it vandalism and crime, to the silence that falls like a veil every night in a city that never stops moving.

I am a dream warrior


I am a dream warrior

And then he asked her…

– What is your name?

– My name is No One…

 – Where are you coming from?

– I come from the universe

–  What is your origin?

– From the humankind

–  Why are you holding a shield and arrows?

–  I am a warrior

–  Who you fight for?

 – I fight for my dreams… I am a dream warrior

Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!



Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!


Tell me my love about the stars!

Explain to me all the mysteries!

Speak to me about the inexplicable…


Such a number of stars to the bright sky!

Myriad galaxies, planets and comets!

Which is the destination to go?

Reveal me your precious!


Give me the strength to tolerate the unknown…

Oh, my dearest of all!

Give me your laugh to inhabit in your heart’s universe!