latrakia, handmade good luck charms with an evil eye


            Good luck charms with an evil eye, handmade by Latrakia


   The fear of unknown powers out of our control. The mystery for the uncertain. The agony to supervise the unknown. The “invasion” of a malevolent gaze which has the strength to bring misfortune upon  the one who “gets the evil eye.”

     “Evil eyes”(eyeball symbol/mati in Greek) and their apotropaic character safeguards the person who owns them and protects them from bad fortune. Evil eyes and their possession is an ancient tradition with roots dating back to at least 6th century Β.C. in Greece and among other Mediterranean and Asian tribes and cultures.

    Reality or superstition, beliefs are mostly fascinating with their small details and their potential magic powers, capable to alter the bad energy. Children are likely to believe in magic. In fairy tales magic is present to everyone who believes.  Where is the child we have inside? Is it still alive? When it was the last time you believed in magic?