latrakia, conceptual, consumerism

– You stand on the top of me!

– You whisper to me promising words of tenderness.

– You give me oaths of loyalty and I do not find the strength to deny you.

– You are an image of exquisite vision to my eyes. Your attractiveness is irresistible.

– You are truly seductive…


– You are caressing my ears.

– You know all my weaknesses and needs better than I do and I can not oppose to you.

– You blandish my vanity. You pull me from my nose.

– Your glamorous lure decoys me.


– You defeat me with your super powers!

– You keep marbling to my ears even though I am averting my head from you!

– You deceive me with your promises.


– Am I having a love affair with a detergent?


– Am I totally insane having a dialogue with a product?


– Hell NO! I am out of here!

Materialism as an ideology. I own therefore I am. I consume therefore I am.
The mass media culture and their effects to our daily lives.

Brainwashing advertisements for more consumption of useless goodies. Chasing the ideal and a meretricious happiness. A continuous seeking of a trademark to define us. Desperate yearning for fulfilling expectations.

Plastic needs for plastic people.
No time for worries because plastic is fantastic!